The C.F. Martin & Company, also known as the Martin Guitar Company, was established in 1833 by Christian Frederick Martin Sr, who was born on January 31, 1796, in Markneukirchen, Germany. Martin Guitars, Mandolins, and Ukuleles are highly regarded by many musicians because of the durability, tone, and craftsmanship of these beautiful instruments. The Martin Company is also the creator of the X bracing pattern on acoustic guitars, as well as creating the "Dreadnought" acoustic body shape, in which production started in 1931.

Notable Artists Edit

  • Alex Lifeson - Rush ( Used a D-12-28 12 string for the song Closer to the Heart in Rush's live performances in recent years )
  • Johnny Cash - Solo ( Used a custom made black D-35 for 20 years. His favorite guitar all of the way until his death in 2003 )
  • Elvis Presley - Solo ( Used a Martin 000-18, D-18, 00-21, D-35, and a D-28. He used a D-28 for his last concert in 1977 that sold for $106,200 in October of 2009 )
  • John Lennon - The Beatles ( Used a D-28 around 1967, when the "Magical Mystery Tour" album was recorded.)
  • Paul McCartney - The Beatles/Wings ( Used a D-28 and a J-18. For the "Blackbird" music video from 1968, he used a D-28 right handed model strung and flipped lefty. )
  • Peter Frampton - Humble Pie/Solo ( Used a Martin D-42 Custom Shop model made by luthier Richard Boak )
  • Brian May - Queen ( Used a D18 in the early 70s and recorded “Funny How Love” on one. )
  • Freddie Mercury - Queen ( Used a D-18 that was possibly Brian May's to record "Crazy Little Thing Called Love")
  • Nancy Wilson - Heart ( Used a DCPA1 and a HD-35. She has an HD-35 signature model )
  • Joe Bonamassa - Solo ( Has a D-28 and 0-17 in his extensive collection The 0-17 is made with all mahogany. )
  • Eric Clapton - Many ( Has several vintage Martins in his collection, has a 000-42 Signature Model )
  • John Mayer - John Mayer Trio/Dead and Company ( Has used several Martins, notably an OM-42, and his OM-28 Signature Model )