The Gibson Guitar Corporation, officially known as Gibson Brands, Inc., is an American manufacturer of guitars and basses. It was founded in 1902 by Orville Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, to produce mandolin family instruments. Throughout the years, Gibson has come out with many notable instruments, from their $60,000 plus mandolins, to the blues and jazz ready ES series, to the rocking Les Paul and SG models, to the beautiful SJ series, Hummingbird, and Dove acoustic models. Rarely has any musical instrument manufacturer been so commendable for the quality of almost all of their products, much less for how long the instruments have been around.

Notable Artists Edit

  • Les Paul - Solo ( Les Paul became Gibson's first solid body electric guitar endorser, which has turned in to one of the most iconic electric guitars ever made. )
  • B.B. King - Solo ( Used several ebony ES-355 guitars without the sound holes. All of them were named "Lucille".)
  • Pete Townshend - The Who ( Used, and broke, many Les Paul and SG guitars. Fun Fact: His signature Les Paul deluxe model has a humorous "Break here" dotted line on the neck. )
  • Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin ( While he is most famous for using a 1971 Heritage Cherry EDS-1275 custom made for him, he's also played many Les Pauls, SJ200s, and even a harp guitar. )
  • Alex Lifeson - Rush ( Uses a Les Paul Axcess, as well as being known to use an Alpine White ES-355, ES Les Paul, and an EDS-1275.
  • Angus Young - AC/DC ( Most famously used a SG, but has also played a Les Paul and ES-355 on occasion. )
  • Joe Bonamassa - Solo ( Needless to say, he has several Gibson guitars in his massive collection. Uses a Les Paul quite a bit. )
  • Slash - Guns N' Roses ( Has used several Les Paul models, as well as Firebirds, Explorers, and an EDS-1275. )